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The owner and chief investigator of Macon Investigations is Ralph Garcia. Ralph is a former lieutenant who served proudly in many investigative capacities for over 23 years with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). While obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law from St Thomas Aquinas College, Ralph worked as a loss prevention investigator for a prominent retail company in the tri-state area. His duties included investigating larcenies, evaluating inventory shrinkage, identifying dishonest employees as well as devising methods to reduce loss. Upon completion of his degree in 1983, Ralph joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) being assigned to the New York Office as a surveillance support technician. As such, he assisted FBI special agents with wiretapping and surveillance of targeted individuals and locations. He was responsible for maintaining confidential and highly sensitive counter-intelligence data. Ralph’s true passion was the NYPD and in 1984 became a police officer. Ralph started his career assigned to the 34 Precinct in Washington Heights, at the time it was one of the busiest crime-ridden areas of New York City. Ralph learned his trade as a police officer in the 34 Precinct being assigned to patrol duties and in a short time elevated to plainclothes duty. Those duties included the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit (SNEU); which conducted short term narcotics investigations and then the Anti-Crime Unit; which investigated violent felony crimes resulting in many summary arrests. After being promoted to sergeant, Ralph was chosen as the Conditions Sergeant of the newly formed 33rd Precinct in charge of supervising a specialized squad which enforced all quality of life street conditions. His unit was recognized for its contribution to reducing crime. Due to Ralph’s proven track record, investigative background and integrity, he was transferred to the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) to investigate high level police corruption cases. Ralph was then afforded an opportunity to advance once again and supervise an investigative squad of detectives in the Organized Crime Control Bureau Vice Squad where he supervised and conducted investigations of state liquor offenses, prostitution, gambling, human trafficking and criminal conspiracy cases perpetrated by various individuals and organized crime groups. Upon promotion to lieutenant, Ralph continued in the Vice Squad supervising the Special Investigations Squad responsible for overseeing long term major investigations utilizing various surveillance methods such as wiretaps, physical observations, under-cover operations along with developing information from confidential informants and other sources of information. This investigative work lead to search/arrest warrants resulting in the successful prosecution and dismantling of many organized criminal enterprises. Upon his retirement from law enforcement in ‘2007, Ralph successfully transitioned into the private sector security and investigative field as a leader where he has acquired additional skill-sets to better understand governmental and private industry settings.

Hiring A Macon Private Investigator

A private investigator should be licensed with the state, bonded, and have liability and workmen’s compensation insurances.

A client should carefully select a private investigator by asking as many questions about experience based on the particular requirements. The private investigator should be able to have the resources to effectively conduct the investigation referencing to equipment, accurate record keeping and personnel. Ensure an “investigative blood work” is explained meaning a framework of how the investigation will be executed. Confidentially is essential for the client.

Private investigators must also be transparent, noting that guidelines of an investigation must be in a lawful manner as per Department of State.

Regular updates will be made available to clients, as per investigative progress reports including person to person and telephone conferences.

In closing, a client must be open-minded that the progression of the investigation is to obtain as much factual information as possible to make an assessment of whether the act has validity or not.

What To Expect From Macon Investigations And Security Consulting

Our investigators will conduct a discreet seamless case to be presented to the client.The ability to obtain information regarding the identity, habits, affiliations, movement, whereabouts, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any person or group of persons.

Motivated to handle a wide range of various cases to help solve the problem presented. Relentless sensitivity, confidentiality, expertise, professionalism, and integrity is what is promised to the client.

Other Noted Diversified Experience

The client will be interacting with former supervisory investigators who have worked on major cases related to high level surveillances, and electronic wires with multiple agencies. These investigators have also conducted internal investigations, worked with FDNY fire marshals, and have on staff a certified notary for document verification. All our investigators have bridged into the private sector with great success.

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